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2008 to 2012 Local Government - Gold Coast

In just 4 years… whilst Councillor for Division 2 (2008 - 2012), 

I voted consistently for and supported positive sustainable common sense outcomes for the Division and the Whole City.

Helped plan, design and deliver the long-overdue HELENSVALE LIBRARY & CULTURAL CENTRE.

Had direct input in the design and delivery of the DAMIAN LEEDING PARK dog off-leash area and exercise facilities (and the dedication of the park in his honour). 

Pushed the purchased the Coomera River Weir Parkland (3 large waterfront lots) - using OPEN SPACE PRESERVATION FUNDS and HIDDEN DEVELOPER CONTRIBUTIONS. (Probably the last new parkland green space purchased for Div 2 in 8 years).

I ensured the Green Space Buffers and Bushland Linkages surrounding Arundel was protected from future development as park land.

Organised the purchase and delivery of the Reserve Road Skate Park, Half Pipe and Adizone Exercise Area.

I delivered the best outcomes for the OXENFORD PONY CLUB to move and grow on the Coomera River.

Lobbied State and Federal Governments to fast-track and improve the John Muntz Causeway-Bridge after its collapse.

Drove the funding and installation of the SEAWAY DIVER ACCESS STEPS to provide safer access to the best inshore dive location in Australia. 

Was part of the Council that won the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the delivery of improved Public Sporting Facilities as a legacy.

Voted for the priority delivery the Coomera Hub, Pool, Parkland and Library on Abrahams Road.

Commissioned the new A+ Pimpama Water Treatment Plant - which this current Council de-commissioned AS A COST CUTTING MEASURE.
As a consequence the COOMBABAH treatment plant (delivered by the current council) now discharges sub-grade effluent into the local river system upstream of thousands of waterfront residences. 

Introduced mandatory WATER HARVESTING & STORAGE TANKS for new home builds to assist supply after long periods of drought - which this Council removed from Planning Conditions  now placing more load on the City water supply as the city population grows out of control.

Had the entire Gold Coast mapped and a BUSH FIRE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY developed - which this Council has not supported or maintained appropriately.

Worked for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE for the City with the BOLD FUTURE TOWN PLAN and GREEN HEART PROJECT. Which the current Council ignored instead opting for a much higher density planning model.

Installed (and programmed for future delivery) thousands of metres of footpath and bikeways across the whole Division.

Organised the delivery of the OXENFORD YOUTH CENTRE skate park.

Supported the community first not for profit COOMERA WATERSPORTS CLUB growing and expanding. Which this council shut down and gave over to a ‘profiting’ SOUTHPORT YACHT CLUB.

Coordinated the development of DIVE INDUSTRY TASK FORCE to build strong strategies to grow DIVE TOURISM in the City.

Provided practical strategies for better long-term management of the HELENSVALE GOLF COURSE. Not requiring rate payer funded buy-outs.

Was part of the Council fighting to save the City Water Assets from State Government take-over and the ALLCONNEX debacle.

Bring back John Wayne to again put community first. JOHN WAYNE - DIVISION 2

John Wayne ... WAS


on the team BEFORE MAYOR TOM TATE - working through the toughest economic times and fallout of the GFC.
on the team that supported the rebuilding of  “Tipplers” to be the great place it is today for the whole community.

on the team for the whole community.


John Wayne ... IS

on the new team that supports better Community Alliances and Community First initiatives.
on the new team that tried to stop the FILLING IN OF BLACK SWAN LAKE.
on the new team that TRIED TO SAVE BRUCE BISHOP CAR PARK from certain development.
on the new team that will have a better more logical future development model for the WHOLE CITY.

John Wayne is on the new team to stop Mayor Tate and his favoured Councillors spending Millions of City Dollars on Cruise Ship Terminal, Cableway, Casino dreams and other City purse paid for failures.

Bring back John Wayne to again put community first. JOHN WAYNE - DIVISION 2 - Independent • Proven • Reliable • Honest

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