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Standing the test of time, my list of skills, services and experiences has greatly expanded. I have most recently been contracted to assist a number of new business enterprises to establish and gain a footing in the APAC region. Drawing on years of small business start-up management, Local Government and employing proven marketing techniques, I am enjoying these new challenges as they come forward in this ever expanding region overflowing with opportunities.

Of late, I find myself driving my 'virtual' consultancy with laptop in one hand and suitcase in the other... jetting off for another meeting somewhere on the planet. Highlighted by my ultra-personal level of service to my select list of clients, my relocation to Southern Asia has seen me log some serious frequent flyer miles, in the last few years.


As if managing and creating new business process and systems for all manner of clients isn't enough, I also regularly coordinate the print and media placement, prepare marketing plans and structure the promotional budgets for my clients when required.


Adopting the Adobe Creative Suite as the mainstay design software, I am proficient in the output of digital art and all those pre-press requirements many new designers struggle with. Also owning a complete Canon D-SLR system to often compliment the needs of many of my concepts, I find it's sometimes easier to just grab a camera and do it myself!


The practical experience I have acquired over decades of hands-on business management, is really Irreplaceable.


Cementing the life-skills acquired over a few decades with a Masters Degree in Business Administration specialising in Marketing Management signifies my commitment to delivering on my word. As early as the 80's I acquired a Diploma in Direct Marketing from ADMA and have spent many years specializing in BTL 'below the line' campaigns directed to provide accurate measurable responses for the clients to gauge the effectiveness of the advertising dollars.


On occasion I call in assistance from extra hand-picked designers or outsourced specialty talent, to handle overflow or meet critical deadlines. I coordinate this output and manage the integration of these specialists seamlessly into the project or operation.  


Over the years I have been lucky enough to be 'recognised' with several industry awards for design and marketing, but as you can see my work speaks for itself.


Founder & CEO

John Wayne

Talk directly to me, because together we can move mountains

or at least design a new way around them.



24 Mingah Cres,

Shailer Park

Queensland, Australia



Tel: +61 (0) 416 027 919

Lets talk on SKYPE - john.wayne966

Email - john @

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