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Pre 2000 John was involved in numerous individual's campaigns in all levels of Government
As a candidate personally 2004, 2008, 2012 Local Government - Gold Coast
2013 Federal Election Campaign - PUP and 2018 Pre-Selection for ALP in State seat of Forde
Having been involved in every level of campaign management ... from creative advisor to actual candidate... and having cut his political teeth from a very early age, John has delivered on countless election campaigns and produced volumes of marketing collateral for all the major parties and other independent persuasions over the decades.
John has remained fiercely independent in his thinking and approach to politics before and whilst in Local Government. However, John was invited to join the PUP (2013) to stand for the Federal Seat of Bowman - East Brisbane. John resigned from the PUP in late 2013 post-election after experiencing difficulties with the Leadership. 
In 2016 John joined the ALP, hoping this major Party would actually listen and understand the importance of reaching a broader audience with a candidate that pushed moderate and more centred values, which he felt could bring some balance to State seat of Forde. Disappointed by the unfortunate close minded factional side of major politics from all quarters, John has resigned from the ALP returning to represent his ideas and community as an Independent once again. He has always believed there is no place for Political parties in Local Government.
John remains an active commentator and participant in Australian Politics. 
LG 2004 Road Signs
election Baloon 2004
Election Sky Banner 2 2004
LG 2004 Roof Top Baloon
Election Sky Banner 2004
LG 2012 2
LG 2012 1
LG 2012 4
LG 2012 3
LG 2012 5
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