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Concepts are developed after the "brief' is completed.


In a typical Advertising Agency, (large or small), you are dealing with a 'chain of command'. It is the job of the Account Executives and the Artistic Directors to draw-out the information from the client, to ensure creative effort is maximised and the work is produced to meet that particular brief, doen often by a separate team in the 'creative' department. Then the Agency...will sometimes add-in a layout guy, the copywriter, an image stylist, commercial photographer, specialty illustrator, digital photo manipulator, location and talent scout, then the graphic designer ... put's their 2 cents in, to ultimately make the final concepts come to life.  This process can be seen as a 'machine to drive up costs' an can also create not only substantial delays, but often distractions and diversions brought in by the extra these third party inputs, which can also dramatically affect the progress and outcomes of a project.


if only you could 'roll all these roles' into just one single individual. With John... typically you have. It is the personal attention to detail and 'buck stops here' attitude, that sets John apart.  In the majority of cases in John Wayne's design studio, he is the very same person ultimately creating the work... and was the person sitting across the table from you that originally took the 'brief' ... now taking the responsibility in delivering the solutions right back at you.


Dealing directly with John, you no longer need to worry if there is anyone passing the information down the line that shouldn't be, or losing important details, breaching confidentiality and security all the while providing yet more potential opportunity for misinterpretations of the important information.




With a few decades of experience in assisting hundreds of new 'start-up' businesses, fresh to market products and dynamic service industries getting to their goals .... it's important for clients to remember,  these newly developed entities and ideas need to remain current and perform as expected. You have to keep the sun on them, if you want them to flower.


Addressing © is important too... If you intend to own the IP, Trademark and Copyright and wish to be able to register your new brand with peace of mind, then you need real guarantees that everything has been created on a solid foundation of originality, imagination and innovation.


Generating original and "IP securable" work is the mainstay of John's creative motivation. If you are looking for a McDonalds 'drive-through' type solution, then he's really not the guy you need. 

A business and marketing consultant with a proven background in multiple industries throughout the Asian/Pacific region.



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