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Things just don't happen!   They are here... "by design". 


For some clients, starting a new business or launching a new product... can be like looking into a vast forest and not seeing the wood for the trees. At JWD we are skilled in assisting those clients to pick through that 'wilderness' of potential problems and issues that sometimes arise, hand-hold them through complex design stages and the potential confusion that many new and even established enterprises can find themselves in. We offer a solution and a peace of mind that their products or services can reach the right markets, across the globe.


Listening and responding appropriately. On more than one occasion, a client has come to JWD with a pretty firm idea of what they think they want for their corporate image, branding or next marketing thrust. Naturally it is always important the client gets what they want but more so what they really need to achieve their target. John will never hold back on offering an alternative idea, or concept... however determined a client may be.  JWD will always support their recommendations with the foundation and underlying strategies to reinforce all potential alternatives. More often than not they might even save them a bucket of money in the process!  


It's John's vision and expectation that many of these businesses will hopefully be 'living' with their new corporate image and marketing plan for a very long time. Therefore it's imperative they love it, nurture it, watch it grow. JWD continue to work for them, keeping ideas fresh and exciting as long as necessary.  Having said that, we are regularly requested , sometimes long after clients have moved on... to comeback and address issues developed with a 'tired brand, out-dated corporate image or put forward concepts for a new campaign to fit a whole new budget. This is not uncommon at all, even highly established brands like Coca Cola, Ford, YSL, Canon for example, are constantly looking for 'edgy' ways to retain familiarity with their consumer, yet stay honest to their well established marketing and their brand identity.


It's all about "Skinning the cat" as they say!


When developing an effective marketing and branding strategy, the skill is in designing a balance between creating impressive campaigns and concepts that catch the eye, promote the product or service, yet have long-term retention and will ultimately produce predictable and measurable outcomes.  


John Wayne Designs strategies are developed through a thorough understanding of the product or services, substantial research and testing with tried and true formulas gleaned from real-world examples and experience.


Taking out the guesswork is crucial to success.





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