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John Wayne is a versatile professional business consultant with decades of practical experience in international marketing, strategic business development, project and event management, corporate design and brand management, in both the private and government sectors. Highly regarded as an articulate communicator, driving business growth and delivering results he is an intuitive leader with acute business acumen and broad expertise in building customised growth strategies focused on corporate sustainability, transformational change to cloud, innovation, and value creation. 

John has worked in the forefront of business development using mixed-marketing mediums for decades. Conceiving original ideas, developing designs and brands, creating eye-catching graphics and imagery, connecting personally with clients by both defining and assisting them to reach their target market.


“It's one thing to have a great ideas - it's another to have the practical skills and understanding to implement them and deliver predictable and anticipated outcomes along the waysays. John


Renowned for his reliability, consistent delivery and personable management style, by effectively leading operational teams and completing projects on time and on budget, there is no substitute for his experience. Having an unsurpassed understanding of all things 'creative' in the global marketing space, provides a fertile platform for a problem-free campaign with anticipated targeted outcomes. Applying his enthusiasm and polished skill set - supported by a Masters of Business Administration - with a speciality in Marketing Management - John is one of a kind., look under "About" for a more detailed career history.

Don't just 'think outside the box' - redesign it - then market it to the world.